Many folks know Mike Schramke from his YouTube videos, or as repeat customers, but “Who the heck is Larry Stovesand”? Well, let’s go back to 2014. Mike and Larry, having been lifelong friends, surprised no one when they went into business together.

Larry owned several new car dealerships, and Mike had been a salesperson his whole life. Mike still chuckles when he describes that conversation with Larry. That's where it all started...


MIKE: You have money and I don’t, but I know how to sell and completely satisfy my customers. We need to go into business selling tractors. KIOTI tractors.

LARRY: KIOTI? Never heard of them.

MIKE: Yep. and twenty years ago, no one had heard of Hyundai either.

LARRY: Good point.

That’s about it. Larry Stovesand Equipment in Murfreesboro, Tennessee incorporated on January 1, 2015. With fifteen tractors in stock, and only three employees: Mike Schramke, Jim Wilcox, and Jason Buchanan, they started what can only be described as a rocket ship. It took just three years to become the world’s largest selling KIOTI Dealer. That was 2018, and LSE has yet to relinquish that crown.

  • That’s about it. Larry Stovesand Equipment in Murfreesboro, Tennessee incorporated on January 1, 2015. With fifteen tractors in stock, and only three employees: Mike Schramke, Jim Wilcox, and Jason Buchanan, they started what can only be described as a rocket ship. It took just three years to become the world’s largest selling KIOTI Dealer. That was 2018, and LSE has yet to relinquish that crown.

    In 2019 a second location opened in Springfield, Tennessee in a tiny building that was quickly outgrown, so…LSE of Springfield moved 15 miles away to a great location in Pleasant View, Tennessee.

    What often surprises folks, is that Larry Stovesand Equipment maintains an unrivaled level of Customer Satisfaction while selling more than anyone else. No easy feat. Google Reviews don’t lie, and a quick look will show a combined score (Pleasant View & Murfreesboro) of 4.9 Stars out of 5.0.

  • With hundreds of individual reviews, that score is just a tiny bit under absolute perfection. Every member of the LSE family, some 30 in all, know that they will achieve that illusive 5.0!

    Larry Stovesand Equipment welcomes you, and thanks you for your interest in our company, and our tractors, mowers, UTV’s, and tractor implements. As you consider us as someone that you may like to do business with, just remember Mike’s promise, “I will never let anyone regret buying from me.”


Mike Schramke, Owner

I am, in fact, The World’s Happiest Man. I am married to my best friend, Cheryl, I have 5 adult children, 3 grandchildren, and happen to own the largest KIOTI Dealership in the United States. My loving family and excellent coworkers are the reasons I have been able to achieve success. It’s good to be me!

Jim Wilcox, Parts & Service Director (Both Locations)

Jim Wilcox is one of LSE's "Original Three" and is without question the best Parts & Service Director in the business. Since those humble beginnings in 2015, Jim now oversees all aspects of Parts and Service of The World’s Largest Selling KIOTI Dealership. No small task, but Jim is simply the best (don’t tell him I said that, he may want a salary increase).Jim lives on a farm in Middle Tennessee with creeks, hills, and an abundance of wildlife. His own slice of paradise.

Zach Goodwin, Sales Manager (Murfreesboro)

Zach is 100% Tennessee. Born and raised in Middle Tennessee, he lives in Sumner County with his wife Amanda and their two kids. Zach served our Country as a United States Air Force Airman and as a Police Officer. Zach says working with such a great staff is the best part of being a member of the LSE family. Zach has completely embraced LSE’s “Do whatever it takes to have ZERO dissatisfied customers” policy.Besides KIOTI tractors, Zach likes working out, playing basketball, shooting sports, grilling and spending time on the lake. Fun Fact: Besides all of his duties as a manager, Zach is also a pretty amazing salesperson. Zach was LSE highest producer in 2021. That's impressive.

Nick Bennett, Sales (Murfreesboro)

Molly Smith, Administrative Assistant (Murfreesboro)

Molly is one of our behind the scenes gems that keeps the company running smoothly. No matter what level of chaos is going on at the store, we all rely on her to keep us sailing on calm seas. She does this by living the simple mantra, “Hakuna Matuta!” (I had to Google it. It’s a real thing).Molly has always lived in Tennessee. She is quite an accomplished artist! Besides drawing, she loves volleyball, authentic ramen, and her family.

Linda Mitchell, Administrative Assistant (Pleasant View)

Linda is an administrative assistant at our Pleasant View location. Originally from California, Linda and her husband (and fellow LSE team member) Monti, came to Tennessee trading California's complexities for Tennessee's beauty and simplicity. She enjoys cross stitching and is an avid cook.

Badd Cat, Logistics (Murfreesboro)

Badd is a quiet man of mystery. Many have wondered about his life before LSE. With his striking good looks, some may say he could've been a Hollywood action hero. His unequalled aptitude in the art of logistics have led many to wonder if he perhaps was a chess grandmaster, Rubik’s Cube prodigy, or even a spy. It is I alone, who knows the truth. After witnessing the ease of which Mr. Catt was able to order a meal in a Japanese restaurant, I am convinced that Badd Catt is a Ninja. To be precise, I believe he is a Ninja that studied under the great 18th Master, Kato Danzo.If you purchase a tractor from the Murfreesboro location, he may share with you the Ninja creed, “​Watashi wa katsuryoku ni megumarete imasu.” or “I am empowered with vital energy."

Monti Mitchell, Logistics (Pleasant View)

Monti moved to Tennessee from his home state of California to be able to enjoy our four seasons.. and to escape Cali's many oddities. When asked for a quote, Monti offered this gem:Be the type of person that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the Devil says, OH S**T! He's up.(Folks, I'm just relaying what Monti said).

Jason Buchanan, Parts & Service Manager (Murfreesboro)

Jason is one of the "Original Three" of LSE. At the beginning, Jason, Jim, and Mike were the entirety of Larry Stovesand Equipment. Affectionately known as “The Tractor Whisperer”, Jason is a diagnostic guru. Kioti has sent tractors to him from other dealerships, when they were stumped and couldn’t resolve an issue. He has never failed to impress.Jason, his wife Michelle, and their kids live in Rutherford County, where they all enjoy anything that the outdoors has to offer. Fun fact: Jason is an amateur herpetologist. Have a tractor or a snake question? He’s your guy.

Jake Milhalko, Parts & Services Manager (Pleasant View)

Nick Farley, Technician (Murfreesboro)

Nick is a U.S. Navy veteran, and we thank him for his service. A lifelong Tennessean, Nick loves the outdoors, especially hunting, fishing, and kayaking. He and his beautiful bride, Katie, live in Rutherford County.

David Klepinger, Pre-Delivery Technician (Pleasant View)

David left Ohio's snow and headed South to marry his bride. David's love of farming makes him an even more valuable member of our team.

Kenny Young, Technician (Pleasant View)

Jimmy Nushardt, Technician (Pleasant View)

Chuck Parker, Technician (Pleasant View)

Cheryl Schramke, Mike's Wife

Cheryl is definitely Mike’s better half and partner in this endeavor. Being much smarter thanher husband, Cheryl is the perfect yin to Mike’s yang. Cheryl and Mike have been guests of KIOTI in Korea twice and have attended KIOTI Dealer Meetings all over the U.S. Without question, Chery’s main focus is the customer experience. Like the rest of the LSE family, the number of dissatisfied customers that she considers acceptable is zero. Cheryl and Mike live in Sumner County.

Smokey, Service Manager Assistant (Pleasant View)

Smokey’s job could best be described as “keeping Jim from strangling the salespeople.” Since joining the LSE family, Jim has become milder and perhaps even tender because of Smokey. When Jim is tested, for example when a salesperson promises a delivery 500 miles away of a tractor that needs a backhoe assembled, the tires filled, remote valves added, all by 4PM that day... Jim simply smiles and says, “no problem.” Thank you Smokey. You are a credit to dogs everywhere.

Charlie ~ In Memoriam 2006-2022

Charlie became interested in corporate security shortly after his dad went into the KIOTI Tractor business. Charlie is quick to point out that the level of security that he provides is a lot more than just high-end encryption software and biometric readers. For obvious reasons, he cannot share the secrets of LSE’s state of the art systems, but as Charlie stated in his June of 2020 Wall Street Journal interview, "Ever since I implemented the current protocols, procedures, and weapons systems, LSE has not, even once, been the victim of a hostage situation or armed breech". With a resume’ like that, who would argue? Charlie can typically be found at whichever store that his dad happens to be at. Besides the obvious bodyguard duty for dad, his lack of opposable thumbs makes driving himself somewhat difficult.