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If it needs doing, KIOTI tractors will get it done.
KIOTI has a full line of hay-hauling, dirt-digging, trail-blazing machines ready to take on any job that demands a durable compact tractor. Choose from the CS Sub Compact Series (22 hp – 25 hp), CX Series (25 hp), CK20 Series (25 hp – 40 hp), DK20 Series (40 hp – 58 hp), NS Series (45 hp – 60 hp), NX Series (45 hp -60 hp) or RX Series (66 hp – 73 hp) and find the one that’s right for you. LSE Tractor is proud to be America's #1 KIOTI Dealer! Browse online or come visit us in Pleasant View or Murfreesboro today.

Please note: HST transmissions are available on the CX, CK20, CK20SE, NS, and NX series.

Due to restrictive pricing policies by manufacturers, these are all MSRP. For our most competitive pricing, please give us a call or submit an inquiry and we will be happy to give you our low pricing that we are known for!

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